Gum Diseases and Their Effect on Pregnancy

Gum Disease Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant or thinking of having a child should be concerned about gum disease and its effect on pregnancy. In essence, the condition of teeth and gums can have a direct impact on a healthy or not so healthy pregnancy. Research has clearly indicated that women who have gum diseases may have a […]

Multiple Missing Teeth and Dental Implant Options


While dental implants are an excellent option for a single missing tooth they are also in many cases the perfect choice for those with a large number of missing teeth. For example, the implant supported bridge works very well when it comes to replacing several teeth that have gone missing due to injury or disease. […]

Porcelain Bridges and How They Help

Porcelain Bridges

Today, more than ever before dental patients are looking for smart and innovative ways of improving their smile and increasing dental functionality. Of course, porcelain bridges are unique in that they are able to literally bridge the gap that occurs when teeth have gone missing. A porcelain bridge is nothing more than a dental prosthesis […]

Root Canal For Better Long-Term Dental Health

Root canal is not new and has in fact been around for some time. Indeed, it is a highly dependable and reliable way of dealing with a tooth that has either become injured or diseased. When root canal is performed, the soft pulp within the center of the tooth at the core is removed. Once […]

Composite Filling Advantages

Most dentists would agree that the best medicine is prevention. This simply means avoiding cavities at all costs. That said cavities still do occur more often than most people would like. When cavities do happen your dental care provider will typically clean out the decay and apply some type of composite filling. This helps to […]

Why is Tooth Extraction Needed?

This is common question that is often asked of dental care providers. In truth, tooth extraction is a very common and routine procedure. It is often necessary when a tooth has become broken or cracked. It is also a good option for severely decayed teeth. That said always keep in mind that your dentist will […]

Veneers and Their Benefits

A veneer is a type of thin cover that is applied directly to the enamel or outer surface of a tooth in order to create a restoration. What is perhaps most unique about dental veneers is that they are custom crafted to each individual patient. This is important because it allows for a perfect shape […]

Basic Facts About Dental Implants

Considered one of the premier technologies when it comes to tooth replacement options, dental implants are a great choice for patients young and old alike. One important question that often arises when it comes to facts about dental implants is whether or not the procedure is painful. The good news is that most dental implant […]