All-On-Four Dental Implants, Is it a Good Option?


Considered an innovative type of dental implant, All-on-Four dental implants is a treatment that is an excellent choice for those looking for a good alternative to dentures or other types of teeth replacement technology. All-on-Four implants are designed to replace a full arch of teeth whether it be the upper or lower jaw. This type of fixed prosthetic teeth replacement option is very popular today because it results in high functionality and an attractive smile. In short, arches or implant bridges are firmly affixed to the lower or upper jawbone using very reliable dental implants

 Attach an Entire Top or Bottom Set of Teeth 

Attach an Entire Top or Bottom Set of Teeth


However, with this type of arrangement, rather than placing an artificial tooth on top of the dental implant, the dentist can attach the All-on-Four arch. Rather than using an individual screw for each and every single tooth as is the case with traditional implant restoration, All-on-Four technology offers the ability to attach an entire top or bottom set of teeth using only four screws or implants. This means that bridges are fixed and are not removable. Different from standard dentures, they are not intended to be removable, but they can be removed when necessary to make professional cleaning possible. 


Dental Bone Grafting as a Way to Strengthen the Jawbone


Whether it is a tooth infection, decay or even a failed root canal, this type of tooth replacement science is an excellent option to replace missing teeth. Most importantly, an individual must have adequate jawbone mass in key locations to ensure that they are a good candidate for this type of implant surgery. For example, a patient with extensive jawbone loss that is caused by missing teeth or gum infection may not be a good candidate. However, even those with this type of problem can benefit from dental bone grafting as a way to strengthen the jawbone to then accept dental implants. To learn more about all-on-four dental implants and all that makes possible, contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS at Walnut Creek Dental today. 


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