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All-On-Four Full Jaw Restoration Compared to Dentures


All-On-Four Full Jaw Restoration Compared to Dentures 

Perhaps what is most unique about All-On-Four full jaw restoration technology designed to fully restore dental functionality and appearance in a patient is that it is permanent and lasting in nature. All on four implants securely fasten artificial teeth in a lasting and permanent way. This type of arrangement can be used for replacing an arch or to completely replace an entire mouth of missing teeth. It’s a smart option and it has proven successful over the decades. Rather than using the traditional denture method of replacing teeth, all on four requires less maintenance and upkeep by the patient.


A New Tooth Root That is Permanent


This simply means a better quality of life regardless of the patient’s age. The technology is simple in that replacement teeth are firmly secured to the jawbone by way of implanted titanium rods. These dental implants eventually fuse with bone tissue following the surgical procedure. In essence, dental implants become a new tooth root that is permanent and can last a lifetime. Once artificial teeth have been attached to the dental implants the end result is an amazingly natural appearance and complete functionality. As an added bonus, with dental implants there is preservation of jawbone mass and density.


Smart Strategy


In other words, the bone loss experienced because of tooth loss does not occur. With jawbone tissue being preserved, dental health is improved substantially. Keep in mind that when there is excessive bone loss the actual appearance of the face can change, and other teeth can suffer in terms of more tooth loss. In short, dental implants are a smart strategy for preserving the best in dental health going forward. With so much to offer it is clear to see why all on four dental implant restoration technology has become so popular in recent years. Those with tooth loss turn to this technology above other restorative techniques as a way to improve quality of life.

 All-On-Four Restorative Techniques 

All-On-Four Restorative Techniques


While dentures do have their place and are useful in some circumstances, they are somewhat more labor-intensive and can be uncomfortable. Dentures as a restorative technique also require adjustment and re-fitting over time as well as routine maintenance on a daily basis. In addition, there is always the concern that dentures may fall out at an inopportune moment. Without question all on four restorative techniques are the smart approach to replacing lost teeth. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental for more information about all-on-four full jaw restoration as well as other restorative techniques.


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