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Amalgam vs Composite


When it comes to information on amalgam vs composite fillings from a Walnut Creek dentist, here’s what every patient needs to know. There are some surprising differences between the two and you need to know exactly what they are. There is a specific health risk associated with one that I'll cover below and then I’ll talk briefly about the health benefits you can get from making the right choice. To get the best information on tooth filling from a dentist at Walnut Creek, follow this simple advice and avoid the common mistakes made by most people. 


 Let’s start by covering the differences between the two. Amalgam and composite are radically different technologies with different features and characteristics. Composites are plastic non-toxic resins made from silica, quartz and porcelain or ceramic particles mixed into a resin. These components are all stable and safe for medical use. Amalgam fillings are typically made of various ratios of silver, tin, and mercury. Yes, you read that right, amalgam fillings contain mercury. Mercury has been classified by the EPA as a toxic substance and waste containing it is considered toxic waste. Now that you know the key differences between these two types of tooth filling material, let’s cover a very specific health issue related to a substance found in amalgam fittings. Mercy exposure from amalgam fillings can result in mercury toxicity in your mouth. This is a very real, very serious issue with old fillings. One of the big issues is that, unlike composite fillings, amalgam fillings aren't sealed. Their contents are fully exposed to your mouth. Your mouth is always going to be a warm place and mercury, when exposed to warmth and pressure, gives mercury vapor. The pressure from eating or grinding your teeth is enough to cause this to happen. Now that you know the issues with amalgams, let’s cover the benefits of composite fillings for those seeking a dentist at Walnut Creek. Composite fillings provide numerous advantages. First, they look natural thus providing a much better aesthetic appearance in your mouth. They are also less prone to break over time due to the materials used to make them. And most important of all they contain no toxic poisons such as mercury. So if you're looking to get help with a tooth filling from a Walnut Creek dentist, make sure and confirm that they'll be using a composite filling and not amalgam material to ensure a non-toxic experience.

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