Benefits Of Dental Veneers


It's important to realize that today's veneers are not the same as those of the past. To make room for dental veneers in the early days, the teeth had to be shaved down very closely. Today's veneers are as thin as a contact lens and require very little tooth preparation if any at all! This translates to a procedure that is less invasive and does not always require an anesthetic while still achieving the desired results.


Veneers can be used on a single tooth to cover a flaw or on all the front teeth for a complete smile makeover. Are veneers something you're thinking about getting? Here are a few of the benefits they may provide:


Provide Instant Results


Have you ever seen a makeover show where a person's smile is completely transformed in an instant? What do you think? Everything is done with veneers! Veneers are typically applied in two visits: one to take an impression of your teeth and craft the veneers, and one to place the veneers on your teeth.


This means that with minimally invasive veneers, many dental issues that would otherwise take months or even years to correct with whitening and orthodontia can be transformed almost instantly into your ideal smile. Because of how quickly they can transform your smile, veneers have become a popular cosmetic treatment.


Work In The Same Way As Natural Teeth


False teeth are not the same as veneers. While dentures, implants, and bridges can be used to replace missing teeth, veneers are used to improve the appearance of existing teeth. You could think of it to spruce them up a little. This means the underlying tooth is still present, and the spaces between teeth are preserved, allowing you to floss, brush, eat, and speak normally.


Furthermore, the material used to make veneers is designed to closely resemble the functionality of natural teeth. Veneers are strong and hard enough that you can treat them the same way you would your natural teeth, though we may advise you to avoid foods like blackberries or dark tea that could stain your new veneers more easily.


Gaps And Chips Should Be Filled In, And Wear Should Be Hidden.


Our teeth start to deteriorate as we get older. Wearing down the edges of your teeth or small chips on the corners of your incisors could indicate this. You may be completely unaware of these problems until you see an old photograph of yourself and notice how your teeth used to appear. Some of us may even have an unfilled gap between our front teeth. Veneers instantly solve these issues by adding coverage where it's needed and smoothing out any rough edges.


Teeth Whitening


Do you desire a set of white, gleaming teeth? Veneers are like putting a new layer of skin on your teeth. We create veneers to appear as natural as possible, as well as the best version of natural possible. That means you'll be able to smile brightly and whitely right away.


Boost the Volume


Our teeth, as well as the skin around our lips, lose volume as we get older. This causes our lips to appear pursed and our smile to appear slightly sunken. Most dental veneers are extremely thin, measuring less than a fingernail's width. Veneers, on the other hand, can be custom-made to restore dental support for your lips and give you a more youthful appearance if you prefer to add some volume to your smile.


If you are interested in getting the dental veneers or a suitable treatment to have that aesthetic smile, contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Massood Darvishzadeh, at Walnut Creek Dental today.




Dental Veneers Pros And Cons


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