Root Canal For Better Long-Term Dental Health

Root canal is not new and has in fact been around for some time. Indeed, it is a highly dependable and reliable way of dealing with a tooth that has either become injured or diseased. When root canal is performed, the soft pulp within the center of the tooth at the core is removed. Once […]

How Long Does a Root Canal Therapy Take?

First it is important to understand that root canal treatment is important because it helps to eliminate the pain associated with an infected  tooth root [1]. Your dental care provider or endodontic care professional will typically perform the procedure as quickly as possible as a way to minimize pain and return your mouth back to […]

Root Canal Therapy As A Way To Avoid Extraction

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of root canal therapy is that it can help patients avoid tooth extraction. When there is a dental  emergency, it is sometimes better to consider root canal therapy as compared to tooth extraction [1]. Any time a tooth becomes infected, injured or traumatized it is necessary to apply […]