Understanding Dental Crowns and Tooth Decay

Regardless of the circumstances, tooth decay is always a serious concern for dental patients. That said the underlying tooth associated with a  dental crown could easily become damaged by tooth decay just as any other tooth can become damaged in this way. As most people know, a dental crown is typically a restoration type of […]

Ways of Fixing Loose Dentures

Most people would agree that loose dentures are an annoying problem that interferes with life’s daily routines. When wearing dentures  becomes cumbersome and troubling there are solutions. Let’s talk about these solutions so the next time you are enjoying a piece of fried chicken or some other favorite food your dentures do not move around […]

Understanding Teeth Whitening and Tooth Stains

Today, more than ever before people of all ages are having to deal with tooth stains and as such teeth whitening whether done professionally or at home only continues to grow in popularity. It is important understand the different types of stains that can occur on typical otherwise healthy teeth. There are intrinsic stains as […]