Dental Implant vs Dental Bridge


A missing tooth can cause emotional distress and make the person feel less confident. Patients who want a tooth replacement solution can decide to have a dental implant vs dental bridge. The dental bridge is a common replacement option, but the dental implant can be more permanent and less likely to fail. Walnut Creek implant dentists can explain the procedure and cost associated with dental implants.

Dental Bridge

Those patients in the Walnut Creek, California area have some options for a dental implant. Several Walnut Creek implant dentist practices provide all the necessary services for getting a dental implant. A dental implant Walnut Creek specialists focus on offering quality implants at a reasonable cost. Patients in need of a Walnut Creek dental implant may want to ask the local dental clinics about insurance coverage or cost. Some dental insurance policies cover part of a dental implant cost, but many do not cover any cost for dental implant surgery. This surgery can cost over one thousand dollars for a single implant, so cost can be an important consideration. Dental bridges are typically less expensive than dental implants. For a bridge, the teeth on either side of the gap from a missing tooth are used to secure a false tooth. The two teeth next to the gap will receive crowns that are attached to the false tooth. Dental bridges can make the supporting teeth prone to tooth decay. If the person fails to meticulously brush and floss the teeth holding the bridge, the bridge may have to be removed. In contrast, the dental implant typically requires no special care other than the usual brushing and flossing. Unlike bridges which are cemented in place, dental implants are surgically anchored to the jaw with a titanium rod. Patients may feel that the implant looks and feels more like a natural tooth. Bridges can last for several years, but many bridges fail within the first five years. A dental implant can last throughout the person’s lifetime. Prosthodontists are dentists who specialize in improving the function and appearance of the patient’s teeth. Some dentists are doctors of oral surgery (D.D.S.). Walnut Creek implant dentist clinics include prosthodontists, dental surgeons, and cosmetic dentists. Each of these dental professionals can surgically secure the dental implant. Deciding whether to get a dental implant or bridge can be difficult. The patient can discuss the related costs with the Walnut Creek dentist clinic that the patient decides to use. Some people use a temporary solution like a flexible partial denture while saving money for a dental implant. Some dental implant Walnut Creek dentists offer payment plans. A consultation with a Walnut Creek dental implant dentist can help the patient make the decisions about the tooth replacement methods.

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