Dental Implants Success Rates as Related to Dental Bridges


Years of research and practical use have shown that dental implants typically offer the best long-term success when it comes to replacing missing natural teeth comparing to dental bridges. As a matter of fact implants areDental Implant Success Rates as Related to Dental Bridges intended to last a lifetime. Statistics show that implant technology has the highest success rates in terms of current documented data. This includes clinical research going back some five decades. This research indicates that dental implants enjoy success rates well over 98% on average [1]. Conversely, while bridges and partials certainly have their place in modern dentistry they do tend to fail over time.

Teeth are More Susceptible to Fracture and Tooth Decay

Teeth are More Susceptible to Fracture and Tooth DecayPast experiences have shown that dental bridges and partials last approximately 10 years [2]. This limited useful lifetime is likely due to the result of surrounding tooth structures that become weakened because of the support needed by bridges. As a result these teeth are more susceptible to fracture and tooth decay. Even more interesting is that partial dentures that are removable will usually last only about five years. After five years removable partial dentures may need to be relined or made thicker. This is due to bone deterioration and re-absorption that results in a poor fitting bridge or partial.The Number of Teeth That Must Be Replaced

The Number of Teeth That Must Be Replaced

Once again, dental implants enjoy a 98% success rate for periods of up to 50 years. These numbers are dependent upon the patient's overall general health and the quality of the patient's jawbone. Another factor to consider is the number of teeth that must be replaced and the type of replacement teeth being used. All of these variables come into play when talking about overall success rate with dental implants [3]. As a note, there are many instances where the replacement of a single missing tooth enjoys greater success rates through the use of an implant as compared to a bridge. Implants enjoy fewer complications and greater success overall. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today to learn more.

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