Dental Insurance Benefits and End of the Year Tips


Many dental patients are surprised to find that they can actually save a large amount of money Dental Insurance by taking full advantage of their dental benefits prior to the end of the year. It is important to note that certain dental insurance plans operate on a fiscal year while others use a traditional calendar year to determine benefits. That said if your particular plan operates under a fiscal calendar as opposed to a traditional calendar, it could be possible to save money when it comes to dental care and services by simply switching. If a dental insurance plan is based upon a traditional calendar year the patient will ultimately save money overall.

Dental Insurance Benefits

For example, the yearly maximum is the most benefits that a dental insurance plan provider will pay within a given year for dental work. This amount can vary from one insurance company to Dental Insurance Benefitsanother but typically is around $1000 per year. This yearly maximum is reset every year on January 1st if the plan is based on a calendar year. Patients who have unused benefits should take full advantage of those benefits because they will not rollover. Taking advantage of insurance benefits while they are still active is a smart and cost-effective way of getting the most out of your dental insurance plan.


The deductible is another aspect of dental insurance that should be considered as the end of the year approaches. As most people know, the deductible is the actual amount of money that the patient must pay to the dentist out-of-pocket prior to the insurance company paying for any dental services. In many cases and with most dental insurance companies, the deductible can be expected to be around $50 per year. As with the yearly maximum, the deductible begins new again when the plan rolls over. Premiums are the amount that someone insured under a Fee Increases dental plan pays each month. Those paying premiums should take full advantage of their insurance even if it simply means having regular dental cleanings as a way to prevent gum disease [1] or to detect any early signs of dental problems. In other words, if you are paying premiums you should take advantage of all that your dental care provider makes available.

Fee Increases

Finally, another often-overlooked reason to take full advantage of dental benefits prior to the end of the year is to avoid any potential fee increases. Dental services and related costs may increase at the beginning of the year in regard to the cost-of-living as well as increased costs of materials and equipment that are used in proper dental care. As an added note, always keep in mind that delaying dental treatment can ultimately cost more money in the long run. Patient should avoid ignoring dental problems and visit with their dental care provider as soon as possible any time a dental issue arises. Contact your Walnut Creek dental care provider, Dr. Darvishzadeh today to learn more.

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