Dr. Darvish instructed Dental Implant Course


Dr. Massood Darvish of Walnut Creek Dental offered advance dental implant course in November 02, 2012 in Contra Costa Dental Society. The course was titled “Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Total Edentulous Arch” by Walnut Creek Implant Dentist, Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS Course Description: 

Dr. Darvish

 Contra Costa Dental Society Board on increasing demand for Prosthetic Hands on Classes specifically in the area of Implant Dentistry has organized a series of hands on lectures related to Implant Restoration for both edentulous positioner as well as single or multi-unit Implant Restoration. The first lecture in this series was The Hands On Workshop, Prosthetic Rehabilitation of totally Edentulous Arch using all on four fixed bar or attachments (i.e. locators) for removable. The All-on-4 Implant treatment concept offers a viable and cost effective way for an edentulous patient to received immediate satisfaction of a fixed arch solution. The fixed prosthetic rehabilitation in the past has often been a very time consuming, lengthy, and expensive procedure which has been a great obstacle in care acceptance. However, with greater that 12 years of prior practice with innovation both in technique of Implant placement and parts as well as laboratory fabrication allows for immediate loading thus immediate function for a full arch, implant supported prosthesis. The cost has been greatly reduced due to these innovations. Attendees have been able to directly work with parts and became familiar with procedures involved in prosthetic rehabilitation. Course Objectives were:

  1. Diagnosis and Treatment planning of edentulous patient, bar verses removable prosthetics, advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Defining the roles of bars or attachment i.e. locator in restoring an edentulous arch.
  3. Cad/Cam and design consideration for final prosthesis.
  4. Techniques for placement and selection of multi-unit abutments.
  5. Discussion of conversion of the patient denture to a fixed prosthetic, immediate load protocol.
  6. Maintenance and long term follow-up protocol.

The course has been available via Contra Cost Dental Society at this link and was reported in their Newsletter here  on the back cover page.

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