Endodontics or Root Canal Therapy for Front and Back Teeth


Nobody likes the idea of losing natural teeth. That is why endodontics or root canal therapy is such an important part of modern dentistry. It helps to preserve and protect and save a tooth that could otherwise be lost to extraction. When the pulp or any portion of the tooth becomes infected, diseased, or decayed, something must be done. This is where root canal treatment becomes important. With a root canal, the dentist is able to go in and remove the inner damaged or injured pulp and then replace the space where the pulp existed with an inert polymer material. 

 The Root is Generally Larger  

The Root is Generally Larger 


The end result is that the natural tooth is able to be saved and can be fully functional and maintain a good appearance for entire lifetime. Most importantly, there is a difference between working out treatment for the front teeth as compared to the back teeth. With the back teeth, the root is generally larger, so the procedure is more involved. In addition, when the back tooth receives a root canal, it typically also requires that a cap or crown be placed. This is ultimately intended to protect the tooth from any further infection or damage. 


Endodontics or Root Canal Treatment 


Conversely, when a front tooth requires root canal, it is a faster, easier and a less complex procedure. This is because the tooth and the root itself are actually smaller. In addition, when a front tooth receives root canal in many cases it may not even require the addition of a crown. Either way, whether it is a front tooth or back tooth, one thing is sure and that is that endodontics or root canal treatment is an important part of modern dentistry that routinely saves teeth for patients of all ages. Talking with your dentist is the best way to know for sure if this type of treatment is right for you. 

 A Permanent and Long-Lasting Solution  

A Permanent and Long-Lasting Solution 


Finally, when it comes to working out treatment, it is important to note that some teeth that become too far infected may indicate that even root canal therapy is not a suitable solution. In some extreme cases, there is no other choice but to extract the tooth. When this happens, the patient has many options including that of having a dental implant placed. This is a permanent and long-lasting solution whenever a tooth must be extracted. Talk with your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Massood Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today for more information on endodontics or root canal therapy, regardless of if it is a front or back tooth.




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