Exploring the Dental Crown for Dental Implants Option


Today dental implants have become one of the most important and most frequently used types of replacement technology for missing teeth.Dental Crown for Dental Implants That said understanding the connection between dental crown for dental implants is important and good to explore. Keep in mind that implants used to replace missing teeth are artificial in their very nature and as such behave differently [1]. Simply stated, a dental implant is a permanent fixture placed into bone that can then accept a crown or some other type of dental appliance. Indeed, the crown is the only part of the dental implant that you will see. The rest of the implant is internal and embedded directly into the jawbone.

Bone Loss Caused by Teeth That Have Gone Missing

Bone Loss Caused by Teeth That Have Gone MissingFollowing the surgical procedure that implants a titanium screw into the bone of the jaw it eventually becomes fused permanently to existing bone. From a clinical perspective, this is an excellent way to improve functionality and the overall visual appearance of patients. Implants are also important because they help to protect surrounding teeth from eventual bone loss caused by teeth that have gone missing and that have not been replaced [2]. Once the titanium screw has been permanently secured into the jawbone and enough time has elapsed, a permanent dental crown can then be placed. Patients who are unsure of which type of dental implant technology will be best suited to their particular needs should consult with their dental care provider to learn more.

Repair or Replacement Later On In Life

It is also important to note that in certain types of implant arrangements, crowns can be attached using screws. This allows for easier maintenance and easier access when necessary. Using this kind of arrangement, your dental care provider will have easier access to the implant as well as the crown components for any necessary repair or replacement later on in life. This is an important consideration because having easy access to all components of a dental implant reduces the chances of damage when later work is for some reason required. The good news is that crowns can last an entire lifetime when properly cared for and maintained. Ultimately, when dental crowns are attached to a dental implant using screws they can more easily be replaced or repaired periodically as needed.Crowns That Have Been Cemented Into Place

Crowns That Have Been Cemented Into Place

This is especially true considering the fact that cemented restorations cannot easily be removed. Crowns that have been cemented into place are more difficult to remove costing patients more time and money. Crowns that are attached using a screw often have a screw access hole that allows the dental care provider to do the work necessary with less difficulty and in less time. With so much to offer is clear to see why dental implants that make use of dental crowns are such an important aspect of today's modern dental care [3]. Contact your Walnut Creek dental implant dentist, Dr. Darvishzadeh today to learn more about modern dental crown technology and how it relates to dental implants.

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