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Understanding the Full Jaw Restoration Process


Full jaw restoration is sometimes referred to as full mouth restoration, and is an important type Understanding the Full Jaw Restoration Processof dental procedure that can help restore an individual's smile and oral functionality. This type of restoration is helpful when teeth have become severely worn down over time. When this happens the jaw ultimately becomes misaligned causing functionality and appearance problems. The cause is often associated with years of teeth grinding or clenching. When teeth are excessively worn, jaw closure becomes excessive simply because the teeth are shorter.

Sunken Face Appearance

When this happens jaw muscles remain constantly engaged in an unnatural way. This results in excessive and chronic jaw pain as well as neck pain and even headaches. Most notably, full jaw restoration is intended to correct this problem from not only a functional standpoint but it also serves to improve the patient's appearance. This is an important consideration because a severely misaligned jaw typically results in a sunken face appearance that causes a patient to look much older than they actually are. Full jaw restoration or full mouth restoration seeks to identify and correct jaw alignment. It uses various teeth rebuilding techniques to achieve a more natural and healthy jaw alignment.

Carefully and Precisely Rebuilt Teeth

Carefully and Precisely Rebuilt TeethOnce a correct and comfortable jaw alignment position has been determined (one that allows jaw muscles to relax), dental implants, porcelain bridges, crowns or porcelain veneers are then used to carefully and precisely rebuilt teeth so that they are in the correct position and of the right shape and size. This in effect allows the jaw to be re-positioned in a more healthy and natural way. The procedure ultimately alleviates many of the uncomfortable and painful symptoms associated with a poorly aligned jaw.

Worn and Damaged Teeth or Missing Teeth

In addition, the procedure serves to strengthen weakened teeth helping patients enjoy a more Worn and Damaged Teeth or Missing Teethbeautiful, vibrant and attractive smile. Full jaw restoration is instrumental in correcting a number of oral health deficiencies. For example, it is effective in correcting a gummy smile or a thin-lipped smile. It also serves to alleviate chronic headaches and TMJ pain or neck and jaw pain. The procedure routinely corrects problems associated with worn and damaged teeth or missing teeth. The most common benefit from this type of dental procedure is that it effectively eliminates a sunken face appearance by correcting jaw misalignment.

Permanent Restructuring of Teeth

As an added benefit, full mouth restoration can even eliminate wrinkled corners that develop Permanent Restructuring of Teetharound the mouth, lips and chin if the face takes on a sunken appearance. The aesthetic benefits of full Jaw restoration can be quite substantial in nature. State-of-the-art devices and techniques are used to determine what should be the optimal jaw alignment. The alignment is then tested using temporary restorations where several adjustments may be required over time in order to achieve more perfect alignment. Once this has been determined permanent restructuring of the teeth can begin. Contact Walnut Creek dental, Dr. Darvishzadeh today to learn more about Walnut Creek full jaw restoration procedures.

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