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How Does Invisalign Work?


"How Does Invisalign Work" is a frequent question that is often asked by those wishing to How Does Invisalign Workcorrect their teeth because of misalignment, malocclusion or general tooth crookedness. Most would agree that nothing quite compares to having a beautifully attractive smile. Added confidence, improved self-esteem and overall better life experiences are typically more common when an individual has a beautiful and attractive smile. That said Invisalign and orthodontic care in general typically produces impressive results for those with even the most serious of problems including poorly spaced teeth, crooked teeth or excessive malocclusions [1].

Digital Scanning

The first step in enjoying the benefits of Invisalign is to first meet with your dental care provider Digital Scanningto determine if this type of teeth straightening technology is right for you. During an initial consultation, your dental care provider at Walnut Creek Dental will discuss your specific dental needs and determine whether Invisalign treatment is appropriate for your case. When it is determined that it will be the treatment of choice, the doctor will then make use of an advanced scanner or a digital scanning system to create an accurate and precise 3D digital image of the teeth. In other instances, a doctor may choose to use physical impressions.

Exact Specifications

Either way, your orthodontist will then map out a detailed treatment plan that includes the How Invisalign worksexact and precise movement of teeth and how long treatment should be expected to last. In many cases, patients are able to see in detail how teeth will move and how the final product will look in terms of a new and attractive smile. The next step in proceeding with Invisalign treatment is to have custom-made aligners produced to your exact specifications [2]. These aligners are virtually invisible resulting in many people not even knowing that are being worn.

Unique Aligners

Your doctor will recommend that you wear the clear aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours per day. Wear a RetainerThis will produce the best results. In fact, most orthodontic care providers will recommend that you only take your aligners out to eat, floss or brush your teeth. As the patient wears each individual set of unique aligners, the teeth will gradually and gently shift into the proper position [3]. While each case is unique and different, most doctors will recommend that the patient wear a new set of aligners each week and schedule a checkup for every six weeks.

Wear a Retainer

Best of all, the patient is able to see in real time the progress that is being made with regard to repositioning teeth in a more healthy and attractive way. Simply knowing that a new, beautiful and more appealing smile is within reach helps to motivate patients to follow the exact Invisalign protocol. Finally, once treatment has been completed, patients may be required to wear a retainer that is custom-made. These retainers are designed using the same modern technology used to make the actual invisible and clear aligners. Contact your Walnut Creek orthodontic dental care provider, Dr. Darvishzadeh today to learn more.

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