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How Long Does a Root Canal Therapy Take?


First it is important to understand that root canal treatment is important because it helps to eliminate the pain associated with an infected How Long Does a Root Canal Therapy Take? tooth root [1]. Your dental care provider or endodontic care professional will typically perform the procedure as quickly as possible as a way to minimize pain and return your mouth back to normal functionality. Your dental care provider would exactly tell you how long does a root canal therapy take. In general, a root canal for a molar can be done in as short as 90 minutes. Conversely, root canal for other teeth that are not molars can be done in 60 minutes.

Typical Tooth Filling

Typical Tooth FillingKeep in mind that the length of time required to effectively complete a root canal in a complete way depends on the level of infection and the complexity of the root itself. While the first stage of root canal involves cleaning out the tooth root and removing any dead or infected pulp, the second stage is more aesthetic in nature. This involves placing a crown to guard the tooth and protect it from future infection or damage [2]. Patients should know that the root canal procedure is really no more painful than a typical tooth filling. In fact, with the right type of sedative, root canal can be completely free of any discomfort.Root Canals

Two Appointments

Generally speaking about how long does a root canal therapy take, it may depends on couple parameters. Typically, root canal can be done in one appointment while in many cases it requires two appointments. Talking with your dental care provider will help you to understand what your particular case involves in terms of time and number of visits. If two appointments are indeed required, they are usually set just a week or two apart. One advantage of having two appointments when having root canal performed is that your dental care provider can monitor the progress of healing within the tooth [3]. Contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today to learn more.

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