How Long Will My Dental Crown Procedure Take?


How Long Will My Dental Crown Procedure Take? 

A dental crown procedure can vary substantially in terms of time and overall complexity. The good news is that in some cases a dental crown can be placed in one visit. By scanning the tooth, a crown to be made on-site in as little as 30-minutes time. As a matter of fact the entire procedure when done in this way can be completed in about 90 minutes or less. Conversely, there are other types of crown placement procedures that will take longer and take multiple visits.


Highly Effective Way Of Repairing A Diseased Or Damaged Tooth


When longer procedures are in order or preferred by the patient, the amount of time needed to prepare the crown and make a temporary as well as taking impressions and then ultimately delivering the crown can take a few weeks or longer. This may require up to three visits with each visit lasting usually less than one hour. Whatever option is chosen it is important to note that dental crowns are a highly effective way of repairing a diseased or damaged tooth. Crowns can last decades and even a lifetime providing patients with improved functionality and appearance.

 Improving Dental Health And Overall Wellness 

Improving Dental Health And Overall Wellness


Best of all, dental crowns are incredibly hard, resilience and durable. Crowns look good and help to improve overall dental health. The dental crown procedure is considered painless, affordable and highly successful in virtually all cases. With years of experience in placing crowns, dental care providers across the country and around the world have enjoyed the highest levels of success giving patients greater options when it comes to improving dental health and wellness. Contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental for more information on dental crown procedures designed to improve dental health and dental wellness.


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