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Invisalign Benefits on Correcting Improper Bites


Invisalign Benefits on Correcting Improper Bites 

When there is a misalignment or malocclusion of the upper and lower teeth one of the best remedies is something known as one of the Invisalign benefits. Years ago, this type of dental problem was frequently treated with conventional metal braces. That said today Invisalign makes it more convenient and more comfortable as well as less invasive to correct an open bite. In addition, this type of innovative corrective treatment can often save a patient from having to have dental surgery. Understanding malocclusion is quite simple, it is just a situation where the teeth are not properly aligned. When the lower and upper teeth do not match up or touch this is referred to as an open bite.


Noticeable Distortion of the Jawline


There are many reasons why an individual ends up with an open bite. This includes anything from general dental problems to skeletal conditions that were inherited. Even something such as teeth grinding can cause a malocclusion overtime. Equally responsible for an open bite might be thumb sucking, poor tongue posture or even tongue thrusting. Whatever the reason may be, the good news is that Invisalign can help. Any time an individual has difficulty closing their mouth or there is a noticeable distortion of the jawline and chin it may be time to consider taking corrective action. Even more concerning is when individuals have speech problems or are unable to function normally such as when eating.

 Made to the Exact Specifications of the Patient 

Made to the Exact Specifications of the Patient


It is important to consider correcting an open bite because inaction in this regard may affect speech, self-esteem, the ability to eat and even the ability to sleep better. It is important to note that in more serious cases of an open bite or malocclusion, braces or Invisalign may not be the best option. As a matter of fact, some cases that are so severe might be best served by oral surgery procedures. Invisalign is a great option when it is warranted because it is discrete treatment and it makes cleaning easy and convenient. It is also highly personalized. This means that aligners that are removable are made to the exact specifications of the patient to achieve the best possible results. From improving self-esteem to greater comfort (as compared to traditional braces) and convenience, Invisalign is really a smart choice. Talk with your Walnut Creek Invisalign dentist, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today for more information on Invisalign benefits and its innovative corrective treatment for an open bite.


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