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Dental implant technology has advanced in recent years and enjoys an incredibly high level of Modern Dental Implant Technologysuccess overall. The technology is very useful in helping patients enjoy improved functionality and a greater outward appearance. Most importantly, modern dental implant technology is far superior in terms of replacing teeth as compared to dentures and bridges where modification of healthy surrounding teeth is often necessary [1]. It is important to note that doctors that specialize in dental implant technology typically perform dental implant surgery and are licensed dentists. However, those who provide dental implant placement are typically considered specialists.

Different Types

Different Types of Dental ImplantsKeep in mind that dental implants are surgically implanted within the jawbone and as such a dental specialist who routinely does dental surgery is required. There are several different types of dental implants that must be considered. In fact there are many different uses for modern implants. For example, there are certain types of dental implants that are implanted directly into the jawbone while there are other types that are placed on top of the jawbone and under the gum tissue. While implants that are placed on top of the bone are no longer in use, dental implants that are placed directly into the jawbone are indeed considered the standard in implant dentistry.

Local Anesthesia

Dental implants are not only used for simple tooth replacement but can also be used to provide a stable base needed to support removable dentures. Dentures of this nature are typically Crowns over implantsmore comfortable and more secure than other types of denture related appliances. One question that often arises when it comes to the placement of dental implants is whether or not there is any pain associated with the procedure. The good news is that thanks to modern dental surgical procedures and local anesthesia there is almost virtually no pain associated with this type of dental treatment [2].

Short in Duration

While there may be some slight discomfort following surgery once anesthetics have worn off, any discomfort is usually minor and short in duration. In most cases pain can be addressed through the use of simple over-the-counter pain medications while in some situations stronger Improve Functionalityprescription pain medication may be required. Patients considering having dental implants placed will typically have a consultation with their dental care provider throughout the planning stage. The actual site where the dental implants will be placed will be visually examined while dental imaging will also be incorporated into the overall assessment phase.

Improving Functionality

Having implants placed is a smart and effective way of improving functionality as well as outward visual appearance in patients of all ages. With a long and proven history, implants provide an excellent solution for patients who years ago may not have had the same options that are available today. Dental implants also allow patients to maintain high levels of good oral hygiene and dental care in terms of being able to floss and brush normally [3]. Contact your Walnut Creek dental implant professional, Dr. Darvishzadeh today to learn more.

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