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How Long Does Root Canal Take?


There are many questions that often arise with regard to root canal treatment. One question in particular is simply how long does root canal take? The good news is that thanks to modernHow Long Does Root Canal Take? dentistry and advanced technology, this type of procedure can be quick and virtually painless while it enjoys a very high success rate. Keep in mind that root canal is an important procedure because it can ultimately help to save an otherwise perfectly healthy tooth [1]. This has lasting implications because by saving a tooth, you are ultimately helping to improve the health of your mouth over the short and long-term. With regard to how long the procedure will take there are a number of factors that must be considered. For example, the location and type of tooth involved can have a big impact on the amount of time that the procedure will require.

Traditional Root Canal

Ultimately, the specific tooth in question as well as what must be done will alter the time involved. That said generally speaking, a root canal usually never takes longer than just a few hours. When a root canal is combined with other types of dental work like dental crown, the procedure can easily involve three or more hours [2]. Root Canal Therapy The number of roots involved in the treatment can obviously have an impact on time as well [3]. In addition, the type of technique or technology used to perform the root canal can also affect how much time is needed to perform the treatment. For example, there is traditional root canal treatment that uses traditional dental instruments while there are more modern and advanced options. Laser root canal is one example. This type of treatment is faster in most cases. Root canal treatment using laser therapy is often preferred because it is remarkably effective at eradicating bacteria and infections.

Painless Shot

Along with the frequently asked question of how long the procedure will take many people often ask if it is painful. The good news is that thanks to modern dentistry and all of the advances in anesthesia, root canal treatment is really no different in terms of physical sensations to getting a dental filling. Keep in mind, that prior to your dentist beginning the procedure there is a quick and virtually painless shot given on the side of the mouth where the tooth receiving the root canal is located. Really nothing more in terms of sensation then a gentle or mild sting the feeling subsides in just a matter of seconds. Once the area has become numb, there will essentially be no pain throughout the procedure. That said any time a patient does feel pain they should let their dental care provider note right away. The only thing a patient will feel throughout most of the procedure is perhaps a little bit of pressure or a dull sensation that is not irritating. Contact your Walnut Creek root canal dental care provider, Dr. Darvishzadeh at his Walnut Creek Dental office today to learn more.

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