Modern Sedation Dentistry and the Patient Experience


Modern Sedation Dentistry and the Patient Experience 

It is not uncommon for patients of any age to experience some level of anxiety or fear associated with a dental care visit. The good news is that today there are a wide range of sedation options available to patients as a way to greatly enhance the patient experience. Reducing anxiety, fear and panic is easy through the use of modern sedation dentistry. People often have fear about a dental visit because of the anticipation associated pain. Sedation dentistry is highly effective at keeping patients calm and relaxed throughout the entire procedure. In short, sedation dentistry as well as full sleep dentistry is very effective in keeping patients fully relaxed during a routine dental treatment.


Sedation Helps to Reduce Gag Reflexes


There are several benefits to using sedation dentistry. This includes everything from reducing anxiety and rapid movements by the patient to creating an overall sense of calmness. This helps the patient to enjoy a better visit and allows the dental care provider to perform procedures in a more effective way. Equally important is that sedation helps to reduce gag reflexes. In some cases, patients have increased nervousness that results in gag reflexes. This may cause choking and that is why sedation dentistry can be so crucial to the successful outcome of any dental treatment. Even nitrous oxide can be used as a way to address this issue. Sedation is an excellent way to avoid having a dental experience become traumatic in nature.

 Performing Multiple Procedures in the Same VisitDentist doing a dental treatment 

Performing Multiple Procedures in the Same Visit

When a dental procedure becomes traumatic, patients will have more problems later on when it is time to return for the next dental visit. Another major advantage of sedation dentistry is that a dentist is able to perform multiple procedures in the same visit. Low-dose sedatives relax the patient and allow for longer treatments to be completed. Equally important is the fact that sedation is an excellent option for patients with special needs. Those with special needs will ultimately be calmer and experience far less discomfort thanks to advances in sedation medication and techniques. There are a variety of options when it comes to sedatives. This includes everything from inhaled sedation to oral sedation and intravenous sedation. General anesthesia can also be used as necessary. Contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today for more information on modern sedation dentistry.


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