Options For Full Jaw Restoration


Today more than ever before patients have options when it comes to full jaw restoration. Whether it is an upper jaw restoration or lower jaw restoration, one thing is certain and that is that thereOptions For Restoring a Full Jaw are ways to help patients enjoy a better quality of life in this regard. When it comes to full jaw restoration, the first step usually involves extracting any remaining teeth that are damaged or diseased [1]. Sometimes referred to as full mouth restoration, jaw restoration is an important dental procedure that can return oral functionality and a patient's natural smile.

Functionality Related Problems

Functionality Related ProblemsThe procedure is often used when teeth have been severely worn down over time. When teeth wear out, the jaw eventually becomes misaligned causing tooth loss, a poor appearance and functionality related problems. Most importantly, when the quality of the jaw becomes

Completely Restore the Patient's Jaw

degraded, the appearance of the face can become sunken and unattractive. Those with poor jawbone quality can experience chronic joint pain and even neck pain as well as headaches. A severely misaligned jaw can actually cause the patient to look much older than they actually are [2].

The good news is that dental professionals today are able to correct jaw alignment as well as placed dental implants to in effect completely restore the patient's jaw. In more serious cases, surgery may be required in order to shorten the jaw or make other adjustments as necessary. Keep in mind that the most common cause of jawbone related deterioration is loss of teeth. With so much to offer it is clear to see why full mouth restoration or full jaw restoration has become so incredibly popular in recent years. Contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today to learn more about full jaw restoration procedures.


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