Porcelain Bridges and How They Help


Porcelain Bridges and How They Help 

Today, more than ever before dental patients are looking for smart and innovative ways of improving their smile and increasing dental functionality. Of course, porcelain bridges are unique in that they are able to literally bridge the gap that occurs when teeth have gone missing. A porcelain bridge is nothing more than a dental prosthesis that is often used as a way to replace missing teeth in a permanent and attractive way. The process is rather simple in that all that is required is a secure anchor tooth on either side of the gap where missing teeth are an issue.


Patients Can Expect To Have Two Appointments


The porcelain crown is placed by cementing a crown on both sides of the gap to natural healthy teeth. Conversely, dental implants can also be used in the surrounding empty space to create the same effect. In most cases patients can expect to have two appointments with their dental care provider to have a porcelain bridge placed. The first step is usually to have teeth on each side of the gap prepared for dental crowns. Once this has been accomplished the dentist will take impressions for the fabrication of the patient’s actual porcelain bridge.

 Make Several Small Adjustments To Produce Perfect Results 

Make Several Small Adjustments To Produce Perfect Results


At this point the porcelain bridge is sent to the lab for completion. When the patient returns for their second appointment, the porcelain bridge will be tested and fitted to ensure a perfect match as compared to adjacent teeth. The dentist may have to make several small adjustments to produce the best results. In many cases temporary cement will be applied to allow the patient time to try out their new dental appliance. Once the patient is completely satisfied, the dental porcelain bridge will be placed permanently and can last for decades and even a lifetime. Contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today for more information on porcelain bridges and how they can help patients enjoy a better quality of life.


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