Root Canal Therapy As A Way To Avoid Extraction


Perhaps one of the most important benefits of root canal therapy is that it can help patients avoid tooth extraction. When there is a dental Root Canal Therapy As A Way To Avoid Extraction emergency, it is sometimes better to consider root canal therapy as compared to tooth extraction [1]. Any time a tooth becomes infected, injured or traumatized it is necessary to apply the correct type of treatment. This is especially true when a patient experiences a substantial amount of pain and infection. For example, deep cavities as well as major cracks or damaged nerves can produce a very painful situation for patients. This is especially true if treatment is not quick and adequately provided. In fact, quick treatment can help to reduce more widespread complications that can result in more serious health concerns.

Infected Root CanalPreferred Solution

While there are certainly cases where extraction is absolutely necessary, in most instances root canal treatment is an excellent way of saving a natural tooth. Keep in mind that an extraction is an invasive procedure that is more traumatizing than having a simple root canal. Another major concern when comparing root canal therapy to extraction is that during the extraction process a considerable amount of bacteria may end up entering the bloodstream. Root canal procedures are often the preferred solution when a tooth has been injured. This is simply due to the fact that anytime a natural tooth can be retained it benefits the entire dental environment for the patient. For example, keeping a natural tooth helps to maintain bone mass in the jaw [2].

Blood Vessels or Nerve Tissues

Saving an existing tooth is always a top priority in today's modern dentistry. The procedure itself is rather simple and only involves drilling a few small holes in the infected tooth. This allows the dental care provider to remove any infected pulp, blood vessels or nerve tissues as necessary. Once this is accomplished, the tooth is filed and a crown is placed. This helps to seal and protect the tooth from any future contamination. It is a minimally invasive procedure that has proven to be highly effective over the years. Indeed, it is less expensive than a tooth extraction and far less expensive than having dental implants placed. As an added note, when a patient has a root canal treatment performed, there is usually no follow-up treatment required.Root Canal

Popular Option Today

Keep in mind that root canal is a smart option today simply due to the fact that it allows the patient to keep their original natural tooth in place. While difficult decisions must be made from time to time when it comes to dental health, choosing between root canal therapy and extraction is important and must be considered carefully [3]. Talking with your dental care provider is the best way to make a more informed decision in this regard. With so much to offer it is clear to see why root canal therapy has become so popular today. Contact your Walnut Creek dental care provider, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental to learn more.

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