Teeth Whitening Technologies That Make a Difference


Teeth Whitening Technologies That Make a Difference  

Tooth whitening is very popular these days. It improves your smile and enhances self-esteem and self-confidence. Keep in mind that the peroxide that is used to whiten teeth is intended to effectively bleach the enamel of teeth thus making them noticeably whiter. Simply stated, the strength of the peroxide being used will determine the end result in terms of degrees of whiteness achieved. Peroxide solution percentages can vary from under 10% to 22% or slightly more.


Discuss it in Detail With Your Dental Care Provider


The best way to take full advantage of modern teeth whitening technologies is to discuss it in detail with your dental care provider. Only your trusted dentist will know whether or not your gums and teeth are in good enough health to handle the teeth whitening process. Once you do indeed get the go ahead from your dentist to proceed with a teeth whitening program it is then necessary to decide which method to use. There are several to choose from and each will have its own unique benefits and advantages. For example, there is in-office bleaching that is performed in a dental office.

 This Option Will Take Longer To Achieve The Same Results 

This Option Will Take Longer To Achieve The Same Results


This option can be expected to produce excellent results every time. Conversely, there is the option to use teeth whitening trays and gels. This option will take longer to achieve the same results. You must decide if you will use over-the-counter or dentist provided trays and gels. Dentist provided treatment is going to be better. In addition, there is available today tooth whitening toothpaste as well as teeth whitening strips and even tooth whitening chewing gum. Talk with the dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today to learn more about advanced teeth whitening technologies and all they make possible.


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