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The Dental Sealant Procedure


There are different types and causes of teeth decay and missing teeth that need to be treated accordingly. The easiest and quickest way to protect the lower surfaces of the teeth is having a dental sealant procedure. It requires only one or two visits to the clinic to get them done correctly. The process for applying dental sealants is discussed below in detail.

Cleaning Tooth Surface

The teeth are entirely checked with the help of a thorough examination and maybe an X-ray to check the exact locations of the jawbone and teeth. They are cleaned properly to ensure no germ residing there or no tooth has piled up plaque or cavities. The cleaning process can be completed using hydrogen peroxide, a toothbrush, prophylaxis jet, brush, or cup. Those products that contain fluoride or glycerin should not be used to clean your teeth. The surface is examined for approximately 20-25 seconds after the cleaning process. An expert examines any debris; it should be adequately cleaned until no residue is left.

Applying Acidic Solution To Roughen Up The Surface

In this step, the acidic solution is applied over the chewing surface. It helps to rough the surface. It is used to allow the sealants to bond to the teeth efficiently. After all, the plastic cannot stick to the smooth surface properly and keeps sliding, so it is mandatory to roughen up the surface before applying sealants. The acidic solution or gel is used on the surface containing pits and grooves. The solution is rinsed after some time, and then it is completely dried.

Applying Sealant Material

Dentists use different materials of sealant. Some dentists copy the instructions and review them before starting their procedure. Sealants cured by chemicals include two components that should be mixed up before applying. The process begins when they are mixed properly. It takes limited time to place the material between the fissures and pits. Another method is sealants cured by light. This material is placed without any mixing. This process begins until it is exposed to the light source. The sealant material is applied to the tooth surface by using a syringe.


The dental sealant doesn't require any surgery or any other long-going process. The assistants can do it under the supervision of the dentist. Just make sure that you clean the acid thoroughly and dry it completely before getting the sealant application. Get your complete check-up and consultation from your dentist according to the condition of your teeth.

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How Dental Sealants Work

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