The Technology of Digital Dental X-rays


Digital dental X-rays help your dentists evaluate the condition of your mouth based on your teeth placement. They are compulsory in the preparatory phase of any treatment to get the perfect image of the alignment of your teeth. Digital X-rays help reveal all the teeth problems like cavities, trapped or impacted teeth, mouth tumors, etc. You can also go for dental X-rays even if you have no oral health issues and appear to know the normal working and placement of the teeth.

Two types of digital dental X-rays have different categories depending upon the region of the mouth they show.

Intraoral X-rays:

Bitewing: The doctor will provide you with a paper and ask you to bite on it with moderate pressure to get the impressions of your teeth. The impressions will appear on the digital screen, and these X-rays also help detect cavities.

Panoramic X-ray: The X-ray machine will rotate around your mouth to get a 3D image of your jawbone and teeth. This can also get the image of impacted teeth, especially wisdom teeth.

Occlusal: This type of X-ray takes the full image in one shot only. It cannot only tell the exact place of teeth but can also give a detailed image of the palate, tongue, and teeth line.

Extra-oral X-rays:

Cone Beam CT: A very useful X-ray with intense rays that can get an image of the nerves and blood vessels. This creates a 3D image of gums, soft tissues, and bones. Cone beam CT is very helpful in finding the tumors of the mouth and knowing the proper placement of dental implants.

Cephalometric Projections: If you are to get your teeth realigned, this is the option your dentist will opt for. This X-ray reveals the relation of the jawbone with the teeth and gets the perfect image of the side profile of the individual.

Tomograms: The best option is to see a specific part or region of the mouth which otherwise may get blocked. It provides high-definition pictures of a particular region and blurs the other parts.

When do you need a digital dental X-ray?

For children and teething babies, you must go to a pediatric dentist to get X-rays to know the placement of the teeth. The teeth trapped in the eruption process can be visible through digital X-rays. With an early diagnosis of a dental condition, you can start the treatment as early as possible. In addition, if you get any dental treatment like dental implants or crowns, digital dental X-rays are the best option to follow up on the treatment.

Final thoughts:

Like the other regimes you follow for better oral health, dental X-rays are also a critical step towards good health. Having a dental X-ray may not be very enjoyable. However, they are an essential tool for the early detection of tooth decay and other dental issues, so saving you both money and agony and preserving your wide grin!

Moreover, prevention is better than cure.  Regular brushing and flossing can prevent tooth decay and reduce the need for X-rays.

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