Veneers and Their Benefits


Veneers and Their Benefits 

A veneer is a type of thin cover that is applied directly to the enamel or outer surface of a tooth in order to create a restoration. What is perhaps most unique about dental veneers is that they are custom crafted to each individual patient. This is important because it allows for a perfect shape to form on the enamel and ultimately improves the appearance of any final restoration. While some patients may only require one veneer others may need a complete set to create the perfect restoration.


Correcting Chips and Cracks In The Actual Tooth Enamel

 Correcting Chips and Cracks In The Actual Tooth Enamel 

Veneers offer several unique benefits that are designed to help patients enjoy a better restoration and an improved smile. For example, veneers are ideal for correcting chips and cracks in the actual tooth enamel. In addition, this type of tooth restoration is perfect for dealing with teeth that have heavy staining or deep discoloration. Another key benefit of working with veneers is that they help to close small gaps that exist between natural teeth. All of these benefits and more are designed to improve the patient’s appearance and increase self-esteem and personal self-confidence. Along with improving appearance, veneers are functional and less susceptible to staining.

 Have Regular Dental Checkups 

Have Regular Dental Checkups


One common benefit when it comes to veneers is that they can create teeth that are more uniform in their overall thickness and height. It is this uniformity that helps to create a more beautiful and attractive smile for patients of all ages. Whether teeth have been damaged by injury, disease or some other factor, one thing is sure and that is that veneers can assist substantially. Even with veneers it is important to have regular dental checkups and cleanings as a way to maintain optimum dental health throughout all stages of life. Contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today for more information on veneers and their many benefits.


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