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A dental crown refers to a cap that is tooth shaped. It is usually placed over teeth. It is used to cover a tooth, improve its appearance and restore its size and shape. A dental crown may be used in various situations that include:When a tooth is weak: Dental crown can be used to protect it from breaking. It can also be used to hold the parts of a tooth that is cracked.When a tooth is broken: Dental crown can be used to restore a tooth that is already broken. It can also be used when a tooth is extensively worn out.When a large part of a tooth is lost: Dental crown can be used to support as well as cover such kind of a tooth.When there is need to hold a dental bridge and cover dental implants. Metal crowns:


 These are Crowns that are made from metal. Common metals used include base- metal alloys, gold alloys and other types of alloys. Lesser structure of the tooth may need to be removed when metal crowns are used, comparing with other types of dental crowns .The wearing of the tooth opposite to the one being covered is usually minimized. Metal crowns are able to withstand chewing and biting. They do not wear fast and thus probably last longer than other types of dental crowns. They also do not break or chip though this can happen in very few cases. Most people however find the metallic color unattractive. This may explain why a big number prefer other types of dental crowns. However, metal crowns may be the most appropriate choice for molars that cannot be easily seen. Metal crowns are a way out for people who have had problems with their teeth. Even if a tooth is broken or lost, it is possible to restore it and get that smile back.

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