Walnut Creek Dentist’s Advise: Porcelain-fused-metal crown


This is a kind of dental crown, a hybrid of the porcelain and the metal crowns. When it is being made, the technician has to ensure that he makes out a metal stricture resembling a tooth and that fits over the space left behind by the removed tooth. It is then fused with a veneering of porcelain at high temperatures probably at a heat oven. This gives a white colour to the crown instantly and harder. After sometimes, the underlying metal can be exposed as seen as a dark line and as such it is suitable for the front or back tooth. This is because chewing is less vigorous in front and at the back it is contrary but when exposed it cannot be seen. 


The porcelain-metal fused crown is the best choice for anybody because it withstands any kind of chewing and the heavy biting pleasures. Moreover, it enhances the cosmetic appearance. They combine the strength of the metal underneath and the aesthetic of the porcelain. As time goes, the crown shall need to be refilled underneath as compared with the metal crowns. However, the cosmetic appearance may not be pleasing especially if the dark line cannot be well positioned inside the gum and as such the dark line will be exposed, but the dentist will try to position it underneath the gum. It is also possible that the porcelain may break in extreme biting pressures. This renders it irreparable and new one will just be needed to replace. It may happen that the porcelain-metal fused crown can rub up against the other teeth in the process of chewing, and as such it causes wear and tear necessitating other dental crowns. In general, porcelain-metal has been the best option for many. This is due to the fact that it has aesthetic and health benefits. Dr. Darvish of Walnut Creek Dental Group is here to answer all of your questions today. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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