Ways of Fixing Loose Dentures


Most people would agree that loose dentures are an annoying problem that interferes with life’s daily routines. When wearing dentures Ways of Fixing Loose Dentures becomes cumbersome and troubling there are solutions. Let’s talk about these solutions so the next time you are enjoying a piece of fried chicken or some other favorite food your dentures do not move around or fall out. Perhaps the first step in correcting this kind of common problem is to simply talk with your dental care provider. A dentist will typically first check if the actual bone structure of the patient’s face has changed in any way.

Keeping Dentures Firmly in Place

Keep in mind that as we age the jaw begins to shrink. As such, maintaining a regular schedule with your dentist to have routine adjustment will be well worth the effort and make your denture position and your smile look good [2]. In addition, having the right kind and right amount of denture adhesive on hand can go a long way in keeping dentures firmly in place throughout the day. As a note, dentures that have a near perfect fit may not even need adhesive. A custom-fitted denture will indeed hold in place all by itself. Most experts recommend using as little as possible of a dental adhesive [1].

Localized NumbnessLocalized Numbness

This helps to minimize waste and prevents adhesive from working its way into the mouth or onto the lips. It is also advised to limit the use of adhesives to just once per day. Another good piece of advise with regard to denture adhesive is to avoid products that contain zinc. Studies have shown that excessive amounts of zinc may lead to localized numbness and even injury to certain nerves in the mouth and face. If adhesives are not the preferred method of keeping dentures in place you may consider talking to your dental care provider about the possibility of implant-supported dentures.

Ball and Socket Type Attachment

When dentures are firmly anchored into the jawbone by way of a series of dental implants you can be assured there will be virtually no unwanted movement or falling out. When this way of securing dentures is used a combination of a ball and socket type attachment is typically employed for easy insertion and removal. Conversely, in other cases a clip and bar styled system can also be used for the same purpose. When dentures are retained using a bar and clip system, multiple dental implants will be required.Removable Dentures  vs All on Four

Removable Dentures are a Big Improvement

In most instances somewhere between two to five implants will be needed in this regard [3]. The removable-denture is taken out at night. This is usually during the evening hours and prior to bed so they may be cleaned and stored for the night. Anyone with loose dentures will be happy to know that removable dentures are a big improvement that adds to one’s quality of life in a very substantial way. There are move options for dealing with loose dentures today then ever before. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today to learn more about how to address loose dentures.

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