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What Affects The Cost of Dental Implants Placement?


What Affects The Cost of Dental Implant Placement? 

Replacing lost, missing, injured or damaged teeth are often best accomplished through the placement of dental implants. Here are some key factors that can affect the cost of dental implants. For example, the type of implant chosen can have a direct impact on costs. While some implants can be placed with a single-stage process others required two stages. The single-stage is often more cost-effective because it does not require a second surgery. In addition, the number of implants needed definitely has an impact on price.


X-Rays and Other Unique Scans

 X-Rays and Other Unique Scans 

The more implants a patient requires the more the procedure will ultimately cost. Also of concern is the type of materials used. Material that will integrate easily with the jawbone is always chosen. This may be titanium or some type of similar alloy. Another factor affecting price in terms of placing dental implants is the amount of scans required. X-rays and other unique scans of the mouth including CT scans help the surgeon to see how best to place the implant. The more scans required the more cost involved. The placement procedure chosen can also impact cost. Different types of scanning equipment and computers are used to determine the best way to place the implant.


Insufficient Bone Mass or Density

 Insufficient Bone Mass or Density 

The physical location of the dental surgeon who will be doing the work can also impact the cost. If large distances must be traveled, this should be taken into account in terms of the overall cost. Fortunately today most people in small, medium, and large cities have access to the highest quality dental care imaginable. Finally, the amount of bone grafting, if any, required will directly impact the cost when placing dental implants. If a patient has a jawbone that is weak and that has insufficient bone mass or density, then bone grafting is usually recommended. This will help to ensure that the dental implants remain secure over the long term. Ultimately, each patient is unique and different and that is why it is important to meet with your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental to find out more about what affects the cost of dental implants placement.


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