What are the Advantages of Invisalign?


Today's modern orthodontic care plays an important role in helping individuals of all ages enjoy the best in dental health. That said Invisalign is a unique and important technology that What are the Advantages of Invisalign?effectively improves dental health in a subtle and less obvious way. Invisalign can be used for simple to more complex cases producing impressive results for the patient virtually every time. It simply works to gently and carefully shift teeth into the proper position for an improved overall appearance and smile. While metal braces can accomplish the same goal, Invisalign uses clear aligners to do so in a more invisible or undetectable way [1].

Aligners are Removable

In fact, the technology is virtually invisible and undetectable in many cases. One major advantage of using the Invisalign technology is that it creates more controlled movements of teeth and does so in a more predictable way. In addition, Invisalign is highly regarded simply due to the fact that the aligners are removable. This allows an individual to enjoy food in a more fulfilling way while still being able to brush and floss normally. This is usually not possible when talking about metal braces.

Modern Type of Teeth Straightening Technology

Modern Type of Teeth Straightening TechnologyAnother benefit of choosing Invisalign is that there are never any broken brackets or wires and no resulting injuries to the mouth. With an absence of wires and brackets, there is no pain from sharp objects such as the mentioned brackets and wires [2]. Another great reason to choose this modern type of teeth straightening technology is that it makes it easier to see the results of the treatment at every stage along the way. The treatment is convenient and easy to manage because it only requires a visit with your orthodontist about once every 4 to 6 weeks.

More Likely to Have Better Self-Esteem

As an added benefit, modern Invisalign treatment is usually covered by most orthodontic insurance plans available today. Proper teeth straightening treatment is so important for people of all ages and especially for teenagers. In fact, teens actively using Invisalign or some other type of teeth straightening treatment are more likely to have better self-esteem. More Likely to Have Better Self-EsteemHowever, that being said Invisalign will likely increase self-esteem and personal self-image even more because the treatment is virtually invisible. This gives teenagers an added boost and helps them to avoid any possible comments or ridicule by other teenagers.

Invisalign has Become so Incredibly Popular

Finally, Invisalign is a great option today especially due to the fact that if a patient is not satisfied with the treatment they can easily switch to traditional braces and still achieve the desired results of straightening teeth for a better and more attractive smile [3]. With so much to offer it is clear to see why Invisalign has become so incredibly popular. Looking great and enjoying a beautifully attractive smile has never been easier thanks to all that modern orthodontic care makes possible. Contact your Walnut Creek orthodontic care provider, Dr. Darvishzadeh today to learn more.

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