What Is A Bone Graft In Dentistry?


What Is A Bone Graft In Dentistry? 

In dentistry, bone graft is nothing other than a type of procedure that is used to promote bone growth in the jaw region. It is most commonly used as a restorative procedure prior to placing dental implants. In most cases bone is harvested from a patient’s donor site or sourced from cadaver material or animals. Fully sterilized and completely safe, bone grafting material is surgically placed in the proper location within the jawbone underneath the gum line. Once the procedure is complete, several months are required to allow the bone to grow and strengthen.


Some Patients Choose To Go With Synthetic Bone Material


Once this is accomplished dental implants can be placed in a safe and reliable way. Whether bone is sourced from the patient’s own body or from an animal or a cadaver, the end result is typically quite impressive in terms of successful bone growth. Conversely, some patients choose to go with synthetic as opposed to organic material. Synthetic bone grafting material is usually made of calcium phosphate and other synthetic materials. It is important to note that synthetic materials do not always perform as well as organic materials. Consulting with your dental care provider is the best way to know for sure which option is best for your needs.

 Plays A Vital Role In Improving Dental Health 

Plays A Vital Role In Improving Dental Health


Depending on your level of bone loss, your dentist will help determine the best course of action. From dental disease to injury or bone loss due to lost teeth, there are many cases where bone grafting plays a vital role in improving dental health. For example, periodontal disease or gingivitis often results in chronic bone loss. When this happens, dental bone grafting is the smart option. With so much to offer grafting of bone for dental purposes is an excellent option for dental patients in today’s modern world of dentistry. Contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today for more information on grafting bone for improved dental health.


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