What Is General Dentistry and Who is a General Dentist?


Today advances in modern dentistry have made it more convenient and more advantageous than ever before, when it comes to caring for your teeth in the right way. Determining which type of dental care provider will suit your needs the best is the first step in receiving the most appropriate care possible. While there are specialists that focus on specific areas of dentistry, there is also the general dentistry professional or general dentist. A dentist with this title is a professional care provider that focuses on providing patients with overall general oral care and guidance. 


Straighten and Align Teeth 


What Is General Dentistry and Who is a General Dentist


This includes routine regular dental visits as well as treating with fillings, placing crowns and doing minor cosmetic work. However, when a general dentist professional finds that a particular procedure or treatment may exceed his or her limitations, they will likely refer the patient to a specialist. One good example of this is when a youth visits a general care provider and it is determined that the patient will require braces as a way to straighten and align teeth. When this is the case, the general dentistry care provider will recommend an orthodontist that specializes in placing braces as a way to straighten teeth. 


Determine Which Specialist Will Help 


Your general dentist plays a vital and important role in overall dental care. He or she is the primary contact for most patients wishing to maintain their teeth and smile in the best condition possible. General dentistry involves situations where a dental care provider will assess a patient to determine which specialist will help them with a particular oral health related problem. They are the front line of defense, so to speak for most patients. They help to keep patients healthy and keep their smile looking strong and vibrant. Finding the right general care provider is important for an individual. 


Researching Particular Providers 


In other words, it is crucial to find somebody that you will be comfortable visiting on a regular basis. Remember that in most cases your dentist will recommend that you have at least two exams each year to check your teeth and also have a cleaning. Because of this frequency of office visits, it is essential to be happy with whom you choose. Talking with friends, family and coworkers is one of the best ways to find a provider that you will ultimately be happy with over the long term. Reading reviews online and researching particular providers is another way to find somebody that you will be happy with. To learn more about general dentistry and other important dental topics contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Massood Darvishzadeh, at Walnut Creek Dental today.




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