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What is Oral Surgery?


What is Oral Surgery 

Simply stated, oral surgery is a type of surgical procedure performed in dentistry that deals with the mouth and jaw. It is usually performed by a dental specialist who has spent additional years in an educational environment learning about the various aspects of oral surgery. There are several types of oral surgery that must be considered. This includes everything from root canal treatment to tooth removal and various types of surgical procedures that deal with repositioning the jaw. In addition, some surgical dentistry treatments may involve the removal of a tumor or might deal with some other type of disease or even dental trauma resulting from an accident. There are many different types of surgical dentistry procedures that can be discussed including the following.


Modern Dental Surgery is Highly Successful


Oral surgery may involve the repair of the jaw or teeth following injury or may also include dental implants or bone grafting. In other cases, impacted wisdom teeth could require removal by way of surgical dentistry performed by a dental surgeon. Oral surgery may be needed for any of these reasons and more. In most cases your general dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon if this type of treatment is recommended. The good news is that today modern dental surgery is highly successful and has achieved a level of pain reduction that makes the entire treatment very manageable. Keep in mind that during surgical dentistry procedure local anesthesia as well as general anesthesia can be used depending on the circumstances. If you do require surgery of this kind there are some things you can do to prepare for this type of dental treatment.

 Enjoys a Very Good Level of Success  

Enjoys a Very Good Level of Success


For example, arrange to have transportation available as necessary following surgery especially if general anesthesia will be used. Having someone drive you home following any type of surgery is always a smart thing to do. Your dentist may also recommend that you not eat or drink anything for several hours following the surgical procedure. Also, it is possible that there may be some bleeding for the first few days following surgery. While each case is unique and different, consulting in detail with your dentist prior to the surgery will answer all questions in this regard. With years of successful outcomes, dental surgery has progressed to the level it is today and enjoys a very high success rate for patients of all ages. Talk with your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today for more information on oral surgery and what to expect.


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