What Is Orthodontics for Kids?


Many people, especially new parents often ask what orthodontics for kids is all about. In short, orthodontics is a type of dentistry that incorporates the use of braces, retainers or other devices to improve dental health by straightening teeth. This type of dental specialty also involves cases where corrections are made to the teeth so that they align more correctly. The obvious reason for orthodontics is to straighten teeth and align the jaw so as to create a more attractive smile and keep teeth healthy overall. This combined with improved functionality makes it easier to eat and enjoy food, making orthodontics an important part of modern dentistry.

 A child may experience tooth or jaw problems 

A Child May Experience Tooth or Jaw Problems


An orthodontist will treat children for a wide range of dental health related problems. This includes everything from overlapping teeth to crowded teeth or problems associated with jaw development and growth as well as tooth development. There are many reasons why a child may experience tooth or jaw problems. For example, tooth decay or losing a baby tooth too early as well as traumatic accidents or problem habits like thumb sucking can all have an effect on the health of teeth. One important part of an orthodontic dental professional is to help children feel at ease and not threatened by the overall dental treatment experience.

 Applying Steady Pressure to The Teeth Over Time 

Applying Steady Pressure to The Teeth Over Time


Braces are a major part of orthodontic care. This type of dental appliance is used to correct how teeth lineup by applying steady pressure over time. Eventually this pressure helps to shift teeth into proper alignment and a straighter position. A retainer may be used to apply pressure to the teeth and hold the teeth straight following the removal of braces. An orthodontist may even recommend that one or more teeth be removed as a way to create more space in the child’s mouth. When this is the case, your orthodontist may recommend an oral surgeon. To learn more about orthodontics for kids, contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh, at Walnut Creek Dental today.


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