When Does Getting Dentures Become Your Best Option?


Our teeth lose their strength as we age, and our gums also recede. Sometimes, gums become so weak that they cannot hold the teeth in place. Tooth loss is not only common among senior citizens but is also applicable to people over 40 years. For many citizens, getting dentures becomes a necessity at some point. A survey estimates that around 20 million women over 40 wear partial or complete dentures

The chewing and speaking power get severely impaired due to multiple tooth loss. It's imperative to fill in the gaps created due to missing teeth. Otherwise, one can have further dental problems such as bone loss, crooked teeth, etc. Dentures are popular restorations that replace missing teeth of patients who cannot undergo surgical interventions such as dental implants. Sometimes, the patient wants to restore his smile, and he can't wait for so long. The procedure of dental implants requires considerable patience and strong willpower to undergo the process. Moreover, only some are good candidates for dental implants or other treatment options, such as tooth-supported or implant-supported bridges.   

On the other hand, dentures can still be availed by people who do not qualify for the criteria of implants or fixed bridges. These restorations are budget-friendly and give faster results. Now, you might be wondering when to choose dentures when you have other available options, too. This article will guide you to consider selecting dentures when they are your best option for an elevated smile. So, let's get started. 

What are Dentures? 

Dentures provide a cost-effective way to restore missing teeth and help elevate the patient's smile. Dentures are artificial or false teeth that help replace missing teeth. When natural teeth are lost, they create a gap in the mouth and impair a person's speech and chewing capacity. 

The field of dentistry has advanced to a great extent. Now, patients have multiple options to replace their missing teeth. Despite this fact, plenty of people still wear dentures today. Recent statistics reveal that one in every 5 adults wears some form of dentures in 19 countries. About 15% of the US elderly population use dentures to replace missing teeth and attain oral health benefits. 


Why Would People Need Dentures? 

 When Does Getting Dentures Become Your Best Option?  

  • Tooth Loss Due to Injury or Trauma - A significant facial injury might result in severe tooth damage or even tooth loss. Dentures can be a good choice if a patient's many teeth are lost. Sometimes, replacing teeth via implants can't be done due to inadequate oral health or otherwise. Dentures in such a condition are a great option to preserve your teeth. 
  • Untreated Gum Disease - Gum disease is estimated to be one of the leading causes of choosing dentures over bad teeth. Dentures help restore teeth functionality and provide a natural and confident appearance. Because of being cost-effective, many people choose dentures over implants. 
  • Tooth Decay - Tooth decay is prevalent among all age groups; sometimes, it's too severe or occurs repeatedly. Even if teeth decay is too severe, you can still avail of dentures to replace decayed teeth. They provide a permanent solution to teeth that wear down because of plaque or bacterial growth. 


When Are Dentures Your Best Option? 

Anyone with severe dental issues may need dentures for an adequate replacement. But how to know whether choosing dentures is your best option? Some factors suggest that dentures are best for oral health as they give many added benefits. Let's discuss them briefly. 

  • You Are On a Budget 

Dental implants are only affordable for some, and many patients refrain from choosing them. They are expensive and require a significant investment. In contrast, they are budget-friendly restorations that even middle- or low-income families can afford.

Also, it is a great way to restore teeth functionality that doesn't remain with missing teeth. Dentures are your best choice if you cannot afford expensive treatments. Choosing dentures will help replace missing teeth without disturbing your budget.

  • You Want a Quick Treatment 

Suppose you are busy and can only afford one session to avail of the treatment for your missing teeth. Unlike implants, dentures offer a quick restoration and make it easy for busy professionals to avail of the treatment. Is going to the dentist for multiple dental sittings difficult for you to manage, and your oral health is also suffering? Now, what to do? Consider choosing dentures and elevate your oral health functioning. They are super easy to maintain and would facilitate you in the long run. 

 When Does Getting Dentures Become Your Best Option?  

  • You Have Missing Teeth, Or Your Teeth Are Weak 

You have bite problems, and it's getting worse. You may have lost multiple teeth in your mouth due to injury, trauma, or medical disease. Visit your dentist. They might be your best available choice. If you do not get the treatment, your remaining teeth will wear down. 

At times, teeth become loose, and the prevalence of advanced gum disease also increases. When this happens, it's time to visit your dentist, who might recommend dentures for your comfort.   

  • You Want a Removable Restoration 

You might prefer to avoid having a fixed option to restore your missing teeth, such as implants or traditional bridges. In contrast, many people do not have supporting teeth to replace the missing teeth. If you lack these supports, partial dentures may be your best choice. 

  • You Don't Have a Healthy Jawbone and Gums 

At times it becomes impossible to avail of dental implants because of unhealthy jawbone and gums. If the person has the insufficient bone capacity to hold the implants, then procedures like bone grafting are usually required. This procedure is not easy and might fail if you have diabetes or other serious health considerations. 

Dentures can help relieve your problem by opting for a non-invasive procedure. It requires a teeth impression; the technician sends it to the lab and prepares your dentures. 

  • You Don't Chew Your Food Properly 

When you have multiple missing teeth in your mouth, it will indeed create problems while you eat. If you do not eat well, you might suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Besides, it would help if you ate better to avoid losing interest in food. 

However, if you choose dentures, you can restore your teeth' functionality. Moreover, proper food chewing is essential for better digestion. Then, why not avail them and make your life easy? 

  • Your Facial Shape is Affected 

Multiple missing teeth affect the facial shape, which is disturbing for many. It causes excess space behind the cheeks and lips and can lead to premature aging. You might become more self-conscious as a result, and it severely affects your well-being. Moreover, your mental health can also be affected, making you demotivated. 

Replacing your teeth with dentures will not only intact your facial shape but also aid underneath your soft tissues to give a better look. Moreover, it will help you overcome your self-consciousness, and you'll smile with confidence.  

Wrap Up 

No matter if you have undergone an injury or trauma or lost your teeth otherwise, you can still restore them. Dentures offer a great way to regain proper tooth function. Also, they make it easy to chew on foods that you like and aid your oral health.

Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS, at Walnut Creek Dental to learn more about getting dentures to become your best option.


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