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When Is Cosmetic Dentistry Required?


Discussing cosmetic dentistry can help patients better understand when this type of dental treatment is required and most useful. From major dental work and repairs to subtle dental changes, a dental care provider can offer a variety of procedures focused on cosmetic dentistry. They are typically all intended to improve a patient's smile and outward appearance. There are a number of techniques that are used to treat teeth that have become chipped, discolored or improperly shaped. Even patients with missing teeth can gain substantially from all that modern cosmetic dentistry has to offer.


Cosmetic Dentistry


Reshaping And Contouring Of Existing Teeth

A dental care professional that routinely offers cosmetic dentistry will be able to reduce spaces between teeth, re-shape teeth and even restore worn down teeth or teeth that have become short and that look unnatural. Many of the more common types of procedures associated with cosmetic dentistry include bonding, bleaching, crown application, veneers as well as reshaping and contouring of existing teeth. In addition to producing a more pleasing and appealing aesthetic appearance, cosmetic dentistry can also have functionality benefits. Many cosmetic dentistry procedures are intended to improve a patient's bite.


Bleaching Is Often Used To Remove Stains

Bleaching is one type of cosmetic dental procedure that is frequently used today. It simply involves a chemical process that is designed to whiten teeth in a safe and reliable way. Bleaching is often used to remove stains on teeth and specifically to make teeth whiter in terms of overall color or shade. Discolorations of teeth can result from the use of medication or an excessive indulgence in coffee, tea or cigarettes. In other situations, discoloration can be the result of hereditary or natural aging. With routine bleaching treatment, your dental care provider will create a mouthpiece used to hold the whitening solution.

 Chipped Or Even Slightly Decayed 

Chipped Or Even Slightly Decayed


Bonding is another type of cosmetic dental procedure where tooth colored material is applied in order to fill gaps or change the color of the patient's teeth. This type of procedure is typically done in one office visit and can be expected to last for several years or longer. Bonding is used where teeth have become chipped or even slightly decayed. Bonding material is also sometimes used to fill cavities or close spaces between teeth that are spaced too far apart. In more extreme cases, the entire outside surface of the tooth can be successfully bonded as a way to change the shape and color of the tooth.


Crowns Are Desirable Because Of Their Long-Lasting Durability

In addition, crowns that are used to cover a tooth as a restoration method are designed to return a more normal shape and appearance to the patient's tooth. In terms of cosmetic restoration, crowns are desirable because of their long-lasting durability. A well-maintained crown can last decades and even a lifetime. Veneers are an additional type of cosmetic dentistry comprised of thin pieces of porcelain that are positioned over the front teeth in order to change the shape and color of these typically highly visible teeth. Veneers are often used when teeth exhibit uneven surfaces or where teeth have become chipped or discolored. Considered more cost-effective than crowns, veneers are custom-made and cemented directly to the patient's tooth.


Correct Minor Problems

In other situations, cosmetic dentistry may involve the contouring and reshaping of teeth. This type of procedure is used to correct crooked teeth or teeth that have become chipped or irregularly shaped. The reshaping and contouring of teeth is frequently used to alter the shape, length and overall position of teeth. This type of cosmetic dentistry is used to correct minor problems with the patient's bite and is best applied for patients who have normal healthy teeth but who require subtle changes to improve their smile. Contact your cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek, Massood Darvishzadeh D.D.S at Walnut Creek Dental, to determine which cosmetic dentistry procedure is best for your specific needs.


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