Who Is A Periodontist And What Is Periodontics?


In the simplest of terms a periodontist is a dental care provider specializing in the prevention as well as the diagnosis and treatment ofUnderstanding Periodontics something known as periodontal disease [1]. This type of dental care professional is also expert in placing dental implants when necessary [2]. Along with these important strategies, a periodontist is also tasked with the treatment of oral inflammation in patients of all ages. Keep in mind that a periodontist goes to more school after completing a regular dental education in order to become a specialist in this regard.

Patients With Severe Gum Related Issues

Patients With Severe Gum Related IssuesA periodontist can be consulted when a patient is dealing with severe gum disease or requires more advanced treatment such as root planning and scaling. This is a procedure that is performed where an affected surface of the root of the tooth is cleaned. Patients with other severe gum related issues that require surgical procedures also turn to a periodontist. When you visit a periodontist you can expect to have a thorough and complete examination. This may also involve discussing your dental history in great detail.Accurate Measurements

Accurate Measurements

Your periodontist should also know if you're taking any type of medication or if you have a history of diabetes or heart disease. Women who are pregnant should also let their periodontist know right from the outset prior to having any procedures performed. In most cases your periodontist will assess your teeth and how they actually fit together when you bite. Periodontists commonly take a wide range of accurate measurements using high-tech instruments to determine the depth of spaces between the teeth and gums [3]. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today to learn more about highly effective treatments for those with a wide range of serious gum and teeth related issues.


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