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Who Should Get Root Canal Treatment?


Several causes result in the discomfort of your teeth. People prefer RCT for saving your natural teeth and for being cost-efficient and requiring low maintenance. The issues that you can get rid of by RCT only are;

Cracked Teeth

Sometimes people tend to have weak teeth which come from genes. These brittle teeth are prone to breakage upon chewing something slightly hard. Some accidental injuries in the jawbone also result in cracked teeth. Cracks in the teeth provide space for germs to cause cavities. Sometimes cracks also damage the nerves and the blood vessels in the pulp which results in severe. So, you need to get that damaged vessels removed and get your natural teeth restored.

Severe Deep Cavities

When germs enter inside a tooth and cause cavities there it indicates that the upper layer of your tooth is damaged badly. When the crown is damaged, anything can enter inside the pulp like food particles which deteriorate there causing cavities and infections. There is no way back to the normal teeth without getting treatment if any cavity is present. Either you can get the teeth removed and replace them with artificial ones which are a way more painful process along with the loss of a natural tooth or you can get the cavity cleaned and removed like done in root canal therapy.

Unsuccessful Filling

If the filling goes unsuccessful due to any reason like improper sealing after filling or inappropriate filling that doesn’t fit in the cavity. This also leads to problems while eating and can cause toothaches as well. Root canal therapy is performed to fill the pulp properly and seal the wholes with the crown.

Prolonged Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is caused due to several reasons like cracks in the tooth, cavities, damaged enamel, and infections. Sometimes the gums start receding due to periodontal infections and expose the roots of the teeth. Exposed roots lead to severe sensitivity and if the sensitivity remains for a long time, it can damage the pulp of the teeth along with the roots. In this case, RCT helps to restore the natural teeth and cover them with a crown which can eliminate the sensitivity.

Intense Toothache

Toothache can be due to the sensitivity of cavities. The sensory nerves in the pulp of the tooth are responsible for producing any kind of pain in the tooth by sending a message to the brain. When the pulp is removed in root canal therapy there is no nerve left which ultimately leads to less to almost no toothache.

Final Thoughts

Simply put if you are facing any problem related to the pulp or the crown of the teeth then RCT is the best option. Sometimes when only the crown or the enamel is damaged then you go for their treatment only without involving the root canal of your teeth but if it goes untreated for a long time then the pulp gets involved where you must have to remove it by RCT.

Contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental for more information about root canal treatment.


Root Canal Treatment And How It Saves Teeth

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