Why Sedation Dentistry Is Often A Good Choice


Today more than ever before patients have options when it comes to controlling pain during a dental procedure. The good news is that Why Sedation Dentistry Is Often A Good Choice sedation dentistry has become highly dependable, reliable and safe. Even something as simple as dealing with anxiety has become more effective thanks to modern sedation and other similar methods. Often referred to “sleep dentistry,” sedation dentistry makes use of medication during a dental procedure [1]. It allows patients to receive comprehensive dental care without the worry of pain or discomfort. Today patients choose sedation dentistry for a number of reasons including everything from dealing with claustrophobia to having excessively sensitive teeth.

All That Modern Sedation Makes Possible

All That Modern Sedation Makes PossibleIn addition, patients often choose sedation when they have fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist. Even those who have had bad experiences during prior dental procedures can gain from all that modern sedation makes possible [2]. Whether it is having excessively sensitive teeth or simply a fear of the dentist, sedation can clearly help. Another important consideration when it comes to sedation is that it can allow a patient to receive multiple procedures in one sitting without experiencing anxiety or pain. Most importantly, those who have a problem relaxing can gain a lot from sedation dentistry. Even more encouraging is the fact that today most dentists are able to administer some level of sedation as needed.

Specializing In Anesthesia

Whether it is pills for nitrous oxide, sedation plays an important role in making dentistry more effective. This is not to be confused with general anesthesia which must be it administered by someone specializing in anesthesia known as an anesthesiologist. Whatever the case may be it is important to note that patients have choices when it comes to dealing with pain and anxiety in a dental setting. Here are a few of the different types of sedation that are commonly used in today's world of dentistry. For example, inhaled minimal sedation is that that involves breathing in nitrous oxide or laughing gas. This is accomplished simply by placing a mask over the nose and mouth so that the patient breathes the gas solution and becomes more relaxed. Specializing In Anesthesia

Results In Drowsiness

The best part of nitrous oxide is that the patient is able to drive home following the procedure. In addition, oral sedation involves receiving a dose of medication in the form of a pill that results in drowsiness. While the patient is still awake, oral sedation provides for a heavy level of relaxation greatly reducing stress and anxiety in the patient. In most cases oral sedation results in a level of grogginess and may even allow the patient to fall sleep. Finally, there is moderate sedation that is administered via IV. This sedation drug is administered through the veins so it works very fast. It can be adjusted as required depending on the patient's requirements [3]. Contact your dental care provider, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today to learn more about Walnut Creek sedation dentistry.

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