Coronavirus and Visiting Your Dentist

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Coronavirus and Visiting Your Dentist

There is no doubt that unexpected things happen in life every day. The recent coronavirus outbreak is one example of how this can happen. That said it is important to note that patients typically may become concerned about the possibility of contracting this unpleasant flu. Especially considering that we are at the tail end of the influenza season. Everything from going to the grocery store to getting outdoors for exercise can be a challenge. Keeping this in mind, it is important to be prepared in the event of a dental emergency. Patients can rest assured that dental offices maintain the highest level of sterility.

Non-urgent Type Procedures

This is a top consideration when dental services are needed by a patient. Safety is always the highest priority. As a matter of fact, many dental offices today are implementing new policies that improve on an already remarkably safe and sterile dental health environment. Another key take-away is that many non-urgent type procedures that are elective in nature can be expected to be postponed until the current flu epidemic resolves. Viral emergencies may cause inconveniences but visiting your dental health provider is still possible. Most dental offices will remain open for emergencies even if the viral outbreak intensifies. Treating urgent conditions that could get worse if left untreated is always the goal. That said when visiting a dental facility, it is important to know that only patients and legal guardians should enter.

Waiting Room Area
Waiting Room Area

This helps to reduce the chances of transmitting the flu virus and is an excellent way to practice social distancing in order to lower the incidence of transmission. Each dental office will have specific rules in place with regard to how patients should wait in the outer waiting room area. Even surface areas in the waiting area will be continually scrubbed and sterilized to greatly reduce the chances of viral transmission. Another way to stay ahead of any potentially urgent dental conditions is to contact your care provider as soon as possible and schedule if you suspect that you may have a dental related problem. Patient should know that this difficult time will pass, but in the meantime, dental care is still available. Contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental for more information Coronavirus and visiting your dentist.

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