Dental Bridges Pros And Cons

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Dental Bridges Pros And Cons

Dental bridges are used frequently in today’s world of modern dentistry as a way to improve functionality as well as appearance. They are most often used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth in a permanent and lasting way. Whether a tooth has been lost to gum disease or injury or accident, one thing is sure and that is that dental bridges offer a safe and reliable solution in order to improve overall dental health and wellness. Dental bridges pros and cons are the subjects that every patient should consider.

Recovery Time Is Considered Quick

For example, one of the key aspects of dental bridges and their benefit is that they simply look very natural. Replacing an empty gap that is unattractive and nonfunctional is easy with dental bridges. Porcelain bridges are a common option that are used as a way to fill a gap creating better functionality and improved outward appearance. Best of all, the procedure is quick, easy and affordable. There is no need for oral surgery or invasive procedures. Recovery time is considered quick and dental bridges are known to be very long lasting in nature.

Increased Sensitivity And The Overall Loss Of Structural Integrity
Increased Sensitivity And The Overall Loss Of Structural Integrity

One of the drawbacks associated with dental bridges is that during the process of placing a dental bridge as well as shaving and reshaping of neighboring teeth, there can be some negative effects. For example, the process of placing a dental bridge can lead to the depletion of the enamel of the adjoining or neighboring teeth. This may result in increased sensitivity and the overall loss of structural integrity of these teeth. While each patient’s case is unique and different, it is important to discuss all the benefits and disadvantages of dental bridges with your dental care provider. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today for more information on dental bridges and all of their pros and cons.

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