Full Jaw Restoration: All On Four Vs Dentures

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Full Jaw Restoration: All On Four Vs Dentures

All-On-Four Vs Dentures, which should you consider? All on four implants are designed to securely fasten artificial teeth in a permanent and lasting way. Whether replacing an arch or a complete mouthful of missing teeth, all on four is a smart option. While traditional dentures certainly have their place with certain patients, all on four is quickly becoming the new standard when it comes to replacing a large number of missing teeth. Through surgical placement, all on four implants provide for a high degree of functionality and a pleasing appearance when replacing teeth that have gone missing.

Titanium Rods Permanently Fuse With Bone Tissue

Rather than using traditional dentures where they must be adhered every morning with paste and removed each night for cleaning, all on four is a much more permanent solution. Within the all-on-four arrangement replacement teeth are secured to the jawbone using titanium rods. These dental implants or titanium rods permanently fuse with bone tissue after healing from the surgical procedure. Dental implants are like an actual tooth root and do not come out. When artificial teeth are attached to dental implants the end result is a high level of functionality and a remarkably natural appearance. Most importantly, dental implants work like a tooth root to help preserve jawbone mass and density.

Stimulate The Growth Of Bone Within The Jaw
Stimulate The Growth Of Bone Within The Jaw

When jawbone tissue is preserved, dental health benefits substantially. Traditional dentures are simply not able to stimulate the growth of bone within the jaw. As a result, those who use traditional dentures may experience bone loss over a period of years. All on four dental implant replacement technology means that there is no more slipping, sliding or shifting when speaking, eating or drinking. With so much to offer, all-on-four technology is the smart option for patients looking for the best in dental care. Talk with your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today for more information on full jaw restoration and all on fours vs dentures.

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