Full Mouth Reconstruction/ Restoration

The complete and total rebuilding or replacing of missing teeth in a patient’s mouth is known as full mouth reconstruction or restoration. It is a highly effective way to deal with major problems associated with a patient’s dental issues.

Eligible For Full Mouth Reconstruction

The end result is improved health, better functionality and overall attractiveness in one’s smile. Patients with multiple missing teeth or teeth that are large and unattractive or fillings that are failing and where tooth decay is become a chronic issue are eligible for full mouth reconstruction. In addition, those with cracked, broken or multiple missing teeth or teeth that have become badly worn may be an ideal candidate for all that full mouth restoration makes possible. Also sometimes referred to as full mouth rehabilitation, this type of reconstructive dentistry can even replace missing bone structures within the oral cavity along with missing teeth.

A Complete Smile Makeover With Better Chewing Capabilities

In the most basic of terms, full mouth reconstruction can include the use of everything from bridges to veneers and crowns or onlays. Dental implants along with dentures are also frequently used as a way to improve one’s smile and oral functionality. A complete smile makeover with better chewing capabilities for patients is well within reach thanks to modern restorative full mouth reconstruction. In some cases a patient may require a team of dental professionals working in unison to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient. Talk with your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today for more information on full mouth restoration and all that it makes possible.

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