Is Dental Insurance Worth It?

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Today it is becoming less common for employers to offer full coverage dental insurance as part of an overall benefits package for employees. That said most people these days believe that individual dental plans end up costing more than paying out-of-pocket for routine cleanings and regular dental care. Even with this in mind, it is important not to ignore dental plans and what they have to offer. Ultimately you can save money with a dental insurance plan even under today’s current conditions. Where the savings really comes in is with the higher-priced treatments like crowns or root canals.

Three Types of Dental Insurance Plans

Most importantly, a dental insurance plan will give you peace of mind so that regardless of what happens from a dental health perspective you are covered. There are typically three types of dental insurance plans. The HMO or health maintenance organization, PPO or preferred provider organization and several types of discount plans. HMOs and PPOs are very similar and function much the same as health insurance in general. HMOs do limit coverage to dentists that are in a predetermined network.

Choosing a Dentist Outside Your Network

Conversely, PPOs allow the patient to choose from a list of preferred providers. In other words, with a PPO it is not necessary to select a dentist from within the network. Keep in mind that with a PPO you may end up paying a little extra when choosing a dentist outside your network. Discount plans are another type of dental insurance. With this option you pay an annual premium and the insurance company then picks up a percentage of your dental expenses. This type of plan will usually cost less than HMO or PPO but will not save you as much money over the long term.

Cost of the Plan

Finally, the cost of insurance can vary widely depending on the type of company offering the insurance and the options selected. The benefit level you choose will directly impact the cost of the plan. If you are receiving dental insurance through your employer, you will typically pay much less. Insurance like everything else in life varies substantially and that is why it is important to take the time to talk with your dental care provider and several insurance companies so you can find the best and most affordable option. To learn more about dental insurance and how it can benefit you overall contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today.

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