Root Canal Procedure Explained

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Root Canal Procedure Explained

Basically stated, root canal procedure involves your dental care provider accessing the pulp chambers of the tooth in question. Once this has been accomplished these chambers are cleaned out and ultimately filled with a rubber like substance as a way to save the tooth. All of this is usually done under local anesthesia resulting in a painless and highly effective treatment. In some cases root canal can be done in one sitting while in other cases it may require several visits to complete. One important consideration with regard to root canal treatment is access to the tooth.

Each Canal Is Unique And Shaped Differently

Some teeth are easy to access while others are more difficult to access. This can have an impact on the overall procedure with regard to the number of visits required as well as other factors. The root canal must be properly cleaned, shaped and filled. This is a very detailed type of procedure that when done correctly is highly successful in almost every case. Each canal is unique and shaped differently. That is why the dentist or endodontist must use highly specialized techniques to ensure that the root canal therapy goes as planned.

What Makes Root Canal Therapy So Important
What Makes Root Canal Therapy So Important

Perhaps the most important aspect of root canal treatment is to make sure that all the infection has been removed from the root of the tooth. Once the space or void in the tooth has been filled with a rubber like substance or material, the chances of reinfection are highly unlikely. X-rays can be taken to confirm that root canal treatment has achieved the desired results. What makes root canal therapy so important is the fact that it can help save a tooth that would otherwise be pulled or extracted. Modern dentistry makes root canal treatment a viable option as a way to improve overall dental health and oral functionality. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental for more information on root canal procedures.

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