Digital Dental X-rays

Most digital dental x-rays work pretty much the same way by simply passing energy through the mouth and teeth as a way to see what is happening internally. When x-rays deliver energy the teeth and bones absorb more of that energy than soft tissue like the gums.

Completely Safe And Deliver A Very Minimal Of Radiation Exposure

Digital x-rays as opposed to traditional film x-rays are considered more efficient and healthier for the patient. Digital x-rays are designed for dental work and reduce radiation exposure substantially while improving overall imaging for better dental care. It is important to note that dental x-rays are completely safe and deliver a very minimal of radiation exposure. In short, digital X-rays offer improved detection, diagnosis and treatment and the ability to better monitor internal tooth conditions and any potential dental diseases. The enhanced imaging of digital dental x-rays is an excellent advancement in modern dentistry that improves patient care. With so much to offer it is clear to see why digital dental radiographs have become such an integral part of today’s world of dentistry.

Digital Radiographs Are Vital To Dental Health

That said there are many different types of x-rays used today to produce a perfect picture of what is happening internally with regard to a patient’s dental condition. This includes panoramic x-rays and traditional bite-wing x-rays along with many more. Digital radiographs are vital to dental health in that they provide improved imaging and accelerate early detection and treatment with regard to a wide variety of dental problems. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today for more information on digital type dental x-rays and how they can help you to ensure the best in dental health and wellness.