Root Planing

What if there was a way to clean below the gum line when cleaning a dental patient’s teeth. Well as a matter of fact there is a way to do just that. Root planing or scale and root planing is an innovative and cutting edge way of dealing with gum disease. Those who have calcium and tartar below the gum line will benefit substantially from this trusted dental procedure.

Vital Procedure That Can Ultimately Prevent Tooth Loss

As a result tartar buildup under the gum line causes the gums to detach from the tooth. This results in a little pocket or crevice around each tooth that is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and where food particles can collect. Ultimately tarter and buildup under the gum line should be removed as soon as possible. Scale and root planing achieves the goal of removing tarter buildup. It is a vital procedure that can ultimately prevent tooth loss. As a matter of fact, when this type of condition goes untreated it can even result in cardiac related disease and infection of the blood. One of the main things that your dentist will check with regard to this condition is how deep the pockets are below the gum line.

Regular Scheduled Dental Exams

Having roots cleaned is a smart and effective way of ensuring long-term dental health. Perhaps one of the best ways to avoid this type of problem is to simply maintain a regular oral hygiene routine at home. In addition, having regular scheduled dental exams and professional cleanings by a dental hygienist can greatly reduce the chances of having a wide range of dental related issues over the short and long term. Talk with your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today to learn more about scale and root planing and how it can help you to enjoy the best possible dental health going forward.